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Why we ask you for your medical history?

Whilst it may seem unnecessary or excessive for you to complete a medical history on a regular basis, but without an accurate record of your health we won’t be able to keep you safe whilst in our care and it’s also a legal requirement for us.

Why are your medications important to us?

Any medication that you are taking can have an effect on your teeth and gums – so it is important they are all listed on your medical history form to the best of your knowledge.

Some medications can cause you to have a dry mouth, which can lead to a higher risk of cavities. Whilst other medications and health conditions may result in the clinician needing to give you an alternative local anaesthetic to avoid adverse reactions or even refer you to a specialist for certain treatments.

Why we need to know about: pregnancy, allergies, diabetes and epilepsy

During pregnancy our dentists will aim to delay any non-urgent dental treatment until after the birth of your baby as well as refraining from taking x-rays. Also we may need to refer you to our dental hygienist for more treatment and help us to maintain your gum health during your pregnancy.

By listing any allergies, the dental team are able to ensure that they do not use materials or prescribe medication that may cause you to have an anaphylactic reaction.

If you suffer with diabetes you are at higher risk of developing gum disease and may have impaired healing so it is important the dentist is aware so we can modify your care.

Epileptic patients find that they are more likely to suffer fits when they are stressed or anxious, so it is important to let the dentist know so we can have the appropriate drugs on hand should you have an episode during treatment.

It’s all connected

So please it’s very important that you put all information regarding your medical and dental health into our forms as your answers to these questions help us to not only establish your immediate dental needs but keep you safe whilst in our care.

Patient confidentiality

All information you give to the practice is strictly confidential. No information will ever leave the building and we never give out information to anyone you have not given us permission to talk to.

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