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We try wherever we can to save teeth. We are able to use root canal treatments to rescue abscessed teeth and then restore with beautiful crowns. However, sometimes no matter how hard we try a tooth may need to be removed. When that happens it is good to know we have choices. Our team will discuss those choices with you, dentures, bridges and dental implants, plus they will discuss costs, time frames and how these need to be maintained in the future. By discussion and good planning you can be certain your replacements will give years of service.

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Dental Implants

Many people come to us asking for dental implants because they have a loose denture that is causing embarrassment or perhaps a gap at the front of the mouth that is unsightly. Dental implants are probably the option of replacement of a missing tooth that is most like a real tooth. Small titanium rods are implanted into the bone under the gum and allowed to become part of the bone over a few months. The rod is then uncovered and used to place a crown in or a bridge if several teeth are missing. Teeth replaced with dental implants will give many years of service if maintained properly, we recommend regular visits to our dental hygienist for gum maintenance. Dental implants can also be used to stabilise a full denture and allow it to “click” into place using precision attachments.

Dental Bridges

Missing teeth can also be replaced using dental bridges. We use two types of bridges, a fixed type where there are already crowns at either side of the missing tooth or an adhesive “Maryland” style that sticks to the back of a tooth to the side of the gap. Both types are constructed by our highly skilled dental technicians and will restore function and great aesthetics. Our team will spend time with you to discuss choices available plus explain the after care required.


Whilst for some, dentures may seem old fashioned they still have their uses especially to restore support to the cheek and lips where multiple teeth are missing. They can also be constructed to fit onto dental implants to give a firm, solid, immoveable replacement to teeth. Our dentists work with our skilled dental technicians to be able to deliver beautiful highly aesthetic and modern dentures. We favour functional dentures that provide increased stability and retention. Dentures can also be used as an interim replacement when placing dental implants.

Tooth Replacement Treatments

“I can’t recommend Andrew highly enough. A very professional service, with open advice, all options clearly given and the feeling that the quality of work is paramount at all times. Staff were extremely polite and communication was never a chore. I’ll be sticking with City Bridge without question.”


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