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The team at City Bridge Dental are able to repair your teeth to beautiful aesthetics and function using the most up to date and modern methods. We adopt a minimally invasive approach using adhesive materials that help strengthen your teeth as well. There are many ways to repair teeth using fillings, crowns, onlays, inlays and veneers. We always discuss all the treatment options with you to ensure you receive the right restoration for your situation.

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Advances in adhesive dentistry allow us to be able to repair many teeth using modern composite or the tooth coloured filling materials. These bond into the tooth structure adding strength as well as great aesthetics. They can be used in the front teeth as well as the back biting teeth. Modern day composites allow us to practise MID or minimal intervention dentistry that allows us to maximise the amount of tooth tissue present hence adding longevity to your dentition.


Modern composites can be used in the front smiling teeth and in most cases will improve aesthetics. However, if a tooth is badly worn or discoloured it may be necessary to use a veneer. These are thin coverings placed over the whole front surface of the tooth. They can be added chairside using composite or can be made by our highly skilled dental technicians in the lab from porcelain and then placed on the tooth chairside. Dental veneers can also be used to align teeth although we often use teeth straightening treatments now these have become more widely accessible.


If a tooth is badly broken down or perhaps weakened because it has had a root canal treatment, then composite materials may not be substantial enough for restoration. In these instances a crown/inlay or onlay may be a better decision. These are constructed by our highly skilled dental technician in the dental laboratory to a prescription decided by your dentist. We can choose form aesthetic crowns and strong crowns, depending on where they are played, Emax, yellow gold, bonded crowns for instance. Our team will discuss the available options plus time scales and costs with you.

Tooth Repair Treatments

“A brilliant dentist! Not being the bravest, when it comes to going to the dentist; I have struggled to find a dentist that didn’t give me the total fear at the thought of going! City Bridge is just fantastic, the staff are excellent and the care they give outstanding! Their take on preventative care is great and I am so much happier using them and confident my teeth are being looked after!”


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