I have been using City Bridge Dental Care for a number of years now and have been more than happy with their work and their dental hygiene program that I am sure is one of the main reasons that I have not had to go back and forth to the dentist every two of three month like I had to with my last dentist, I recently broke a crown off of one of my front teeth you can probably imagine this was quite distressing and I needed to get this done pretty quickly they saw me the very next day and got a temporary crown done that day, it took two more visits and all was done. I was very happy with the service and would recommend anyone.
Thank you very much for what you have done for me.

~ Jeffrey Lane

After many years of trying (and mostly failing) to find a dentist who could carry out treatment with adequate analgesia (= no pain!) a friend recommended City Bridge Dental Care. Now, nearly 30 years later, I can honestly say that I no longer get nervous before dental treatment; on the contrary all the staff combine to make a visit calm, friendly and absolutely nothing to worry about. I cannot recommend their practice too highly. Thank you, City Bridge team!

~ Jill Jones

Before becoming a patient at City Bridge Dental practice, I used to have a terrible fear of Dentists and every visit was something to dread. Since joining this practice all that has changed. The waiting room feels more like a living room and the friendly receptionists make everything a very easy and relaxed experience. There is hardly ever any waiting time so I don't have enough time to let my anxiety grow prior to an appointment. The dentists, assistants and hygienists are always listening to any concerns I have and always explain fully what the procedure will be. I don’t have to worry about my dental trips any more- I’m confident I’m in the best hands.

~ Sabina McGregor

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Started using this dentist several years ago and the service is brilliant and the surgery clean. You get reminders to book appointments and also then a follow up call the previous working day to reminder you which is brilliant and you do not miss the appointment. They have various levels for plans and mine includes 3 hygienist and one dentist appointment in a 12 month period - you get a discount on treatment or extra treatments as I go to see the dentist twice a year. Clean downstairs and comfortable chairs a paper is usually there to read whilst waiting. For me it is important to have the same dentist/hygienist which it has been over the years and they have the time- had a temporary crown and then a more permanent one and is was done to perfection as the dentist is a perfectionist and this has been the case when I have eaten food too hot and burnt the roof of my mouth the day before I have been called back few days later just to check

~ Ann Light

I have been a patient at City Bridge Dental Care for many years. I am 73 years old and my teeth and gums are in excellent condition thanks to the dedication and care from the team at City Bridge. This is a friendly practice; from the moment that I walk through the door into the waiting area I am met with bright smiles and conversation from the reception staff and I immediately feel completely relaxed. My appointment is never delayed by more than a couple of minutes at most, and that is a rare occurrence. The hygienists, dental nurses, and dental practitioners continue the relaxed approach that started with the receptionists. Whilst being professional, they are friendly, gentle, and caring; and they promote confidence in the patients through their knowledge and high standard of service at all times. I thoroughly recommend this practice to anyone seeking excellent dental care through a first class provision.

~ Mike Reed

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