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If you are unhappy with your smile, it can have a huge impact on how you live your life. There are so many options to improve your smile available that can make a massive impact on your appearance without costing the earth.


On this page we have just a few of our happy patients smiling at the result of their dental treatment.


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To view the dramatic changes we have made on our patients smiles please swipe left or right on the images below.

Dental Trauma

In this case treated by Andrew at City Bridge Dental Care, the patient couldn’t access immediate dental treatment and wasn’t able to find any of his broken tooth. This increased the complexity of the restorative work required but following several treatments and the placement of an all ceramic crown made by Matt at H2W the patients smile was restored.


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Orthodontics, dental implants, crowns and bridges

Andrew, from City Bridge Dental Care, led the treatment. He assessed the patient’s goals, planned the treatment, and used Reveal aligners to straighten the teeth. He also placed crowns, while another specialist, Matt, crafted natural-looking crowns and bridges for complete functionality and aesthetics. This teamwork resulted in a confident, radiant smile.


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Reveal Clear Aligners

This is an actual patient of City Bridge Dental care who was treated by Andrew using Reveral clear aligners for 9 months


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Reveal Clear Aligners

Tooth misalignments and bite issues can effect our confidence and even our oral health. This successful Reveal aligner treatment created a beautiful and healthy smile. So if you want to improve your smile please contact the practice to start your transformation.


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Whitening, veneers and bridge work

This lady was unhappy with the appearance of her crowded, uneven smile. After a consultation to discuss all of her options, she chose tooth straightening with Reveal® aligners, tooth whitening and a bridge.


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city bridge teeth straightening whitening before city bridge teeth straightening whitening after

Minimal preparation veneers

Minimal preparation veneers can also be used to solve what looks like a big deal. This young lady had broken her tooth as a result of a childhood accident but using minimal preparation veneers, we restored her beautiful smile with very little interference with her natural teeth.


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veneers city bridge dental after 2


This lovely patient had damaged her front tooth and the crack had turned brown so although she was unhappy with the appearance of her broken front tooth, she did not want to change her overall smile too much.


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veneers city bridge dental before veneers city bridge denta after

Replacement of amalgams (black to white fillings)

Not all big differences need to cost big money. This patient was over the moon with his new smile using less invasive composite bonding and adhesive bridge work to improve this slightly worn smile.


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bristol dentist amalgam replacement bristol dentist amalgam replacement after

Full smile restoration

This patient came to see unhappy with the wear and chipping of his front teeth. A huge dislike of his was that he showed very little of his teeth when he smiled. This patient went for a combination of crowns, a bridge and an upper partial denture, all made to a new bite in order to restore his smile.


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city bridge full smile restoration before city bridge full smile restoration after

Immediate Dentures

If you still aren’t convinced, with immediate dentures it took this patient a day or so to settle in to his new denture but he was then able to eat and speak normally and was pleasantly surprised at how natural his new dentures looked. This means that you don’t have to go without teeth while your gums heal, which can take several months.


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immediate dentures before immediate dentures after

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