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Dental implants are at the cutting-edge of restorative dentistry, providing a natural-looking, effective and durable way of replacing a missing tooth or teeth. Having been a clinical dental treatment option for more than 40 years, dental implants offer a tried and tested long-term solution to tooth loss, ensuring a stunning smile makeover that can last a lifetime.

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With cosmetic dental implants, you really can smile with confidence at all times. The titanium dental implants provide a permanent anchor to an individual dental crown, dental bridge or even dentures that have been perfectly colour-matched to your surrounding teeth. As well as restoring facial aesthetics, the dental implants can prevent future bone loss and enable you to bite and chew (and therefore speak and eat) as nature intended.

At City Bridge Dental Care in Bristol, our dental surgeon has extensive restorative and cosmetic dentistry experience, achieving outstanding results with dental implants.

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What is a dental implant?
Dental implants are the closest thing to natural teeth and offer you the chance to restore your smile. A dental implant made of titanium or titanium zirconium and is placed in the jaw bone and replaces the missing tooth root. Bone has been shown to bond well to titanium. Once healed, the artificial root acts as a base for fixing dental crowns.

When can a dental implant be used?
Dental implants have been scientifically tested and used for decades and offer an attractive long-term solution for missing teeth. It is possible to replace tooth roots, individual and multiple teeth.

Why choose dental implants?
Dental implants offer a tight, secure fit that can eliminate the discomfort often associated with ill-fitting dentures. They help encourage the preservation of natural jaw bone and facial structures as well as preserving healthy neighbouring teeth. Dental implants offer the patient full function whilst being visual pleasing in appearance.

What are the risks?
Depending on medical or other conditions of each patient, potential risk factors may vary. Bad oral hygiene may reduce the odds of the implant remaining in place. Since every surgical procedure carries potential risks, patients will always have an implant consultation to evaluate whether dental implants are the right option for them.

Are dental implants painful?
Dental implants are generally inserted under local anaesthetic to help minimise discomfort during the operation.

Am I too old to have dental implants?
There is no age limit (so long as you are medically fit) to have dental implants. As soon as the jaw has stopped growing it is possible to insert implants. In young patients, dental implants can therefore only be used once their jaw bones are fully developed.

What will happen in the implant consultation?
During your dental implant consultation, the dentist will discuss treatments that are vital for successful dental implantation. We will assesses your treatment options using x-rays and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various denture solutions. The journey to a new smile will be at your own pace and we will always take the time to discuss the entire process with you.

What should I do after treatment?
Just like a natural tooth the dental implant needs regular care. Bad oral hygiene and smoking may destroy an implant. Regular check-ups and preventative appointments with your dentist are also a necessity.


Tooth Implants Bristol | Dental implants Bristol | Cosmetic Implants Bristol

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