bristol quadrant dentistry

Quadrant Dentistry – What is it and how will it benefit you?

If you have a number of failing fillings, broken or worn teeth dental treatment can seem a little daunting but this is where quadrant dentistry can help you.

What is Quadrant Dentistry?

Imagine your mouth is divided into four quarters each quarter is called a quadrant.


What Are the Advantages of Quadrant Dentistry?

  1. It maximizes treatment time so fewer appointments are needed which means less time off from work.
  2. It allows for the whole mouth to be made healthier rather than just fixing what is broken and it can help prevent future problems.
  3. It reduces discomfort and stress as fewer visits will mean fewer injections.
  4. It allows the dental ceramist building your crowns to make the crowns fit together better, ensures the crowns have a consistent colour and allows for the correction any imperfections in the bite.

So in short quadrant dentistry can give you a healthier, better looking and better functioning smile.

This case which was treated by Andrew Horne at City Bridge and Matt Walton at H2W Laboratory in Weston-Super-Mare. The patient following treatment noticed that not only his bite felt better but he no longer had food packing between his teeth.

Please call City Bridge Dental Care if you would like a consultation on how quadrant dentistry can help you.