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Do you worry about a visit to the dentist?

Most people have a level of anxiety to visiting the dental practice, we understand that and want to help alleviate that anxiety as much as possible.

Anxiety may be linked to several factors,

  • Unsure what will happen at your appointment
  • Will my treatment hurt?
  • Will I be kept waiting?
  • How much will my treatment cost?
  • Will my treatment be completed today or will it take more appointments?


As a team we do understand that these questions will be buzzing through your mind so we do everything we can to try and answer these questions before you attend for an appointment. We try our best to include you in all aspects of your care and decision making about your treatments. This includes discussing costs, ways to pay and how long treatments will take. By being open and transparent with you we hope to dispel most of these anxieties.

However, sometimes we realise some patients have a deeper problem and fear, perhaps even a phobia. For these patients we are able to offer dental sedation for your treatment. Ross Wilson has had extensive training and experience within a surgical background and is able to offer intravenous sedation. We can offer this for simple fillings right up to providing dental implants.

Of course we realise it is still a problem to get in touch and that is why we are keen that we have a chat on the telephone first of all or even a Zoom consultation so you don’t even have to come into the practice to chat.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to access care and as an anxious patient be able to achieve the same high level of dental health as our other patients.

Don’t delay, get in touch and let’s chat! We look forward to helping you.

Best wishes

All the City Bridge Dental Team 🙂