Millie Case Study

Interview with Millie

Millie joined City Bridge in April 2021 as a Trainee Dental Nurse.  She is due to complete her final ‘Professional Discussion’ assessment any day now and will receive her GDC certificate as a fully Qualified Dental Nurse!


What attracted you to the dental industry Millie?

I have always been a little bit obsessed with teeth ever since I was a child – specifically braces!  I had braces myself in my teens.  The whole procedure fascinated me and the reward of straight teeth at the end of my Orthodontic journey was an added bonus!


How did you become a trainee dental nurse?

I decided quite early on that I wanted to find something within the dental profession and although I considered hygiene to start with, I thought a good grounding in dental nursing for me was the right place to start.  A family member helped me find a placement for a trainee position.


How would you describe the journey so far?

It’s quite intense; probably more than I initially imagined but strangely rewarding the same time!  At first, you must receive a series of vaccinations against Hepatitis B.  This is essential to become a dental nurse, and you cannot handle any sharp or dirty instruments until you are fully protected.  I would recommend any young person thinking about a career in healthcare to look in to having these vaccinations as early as possible so you can start working quicker when you find a suitable employed position.  You will need to be organised and keep on top of your coursework as it comes quite thick and fast at the start.  It is roughly 15 hrs per week of study and if you are working full-time, you need to ask for support from your employer or placement to set some time aside to complete the coursework.  Some can be done ‘on the job’ which is useful as you can learn whilst you work.  If the company is also able to offer a ‘Mentor’ such as a qualified Dental Nurse, that also helps speed up the learning process.


What would you say is the most rewarding aspect of dental nursing?

Seeing the patients happy!  Some people come in so scared of the dentist and when you can put them at ease and see them leave with a smile, it reinforces the importance of the role of a dental nurse.  I was lucky enough recently to see a large veneer case from start to finish.  The patient was so very happy.  The improvement was literally life changing for them.


So what’s next when you are fully qualified?

Once I get my final assessment done and dusted, I am going to have a bit of a break!!  But not too long!  I would like to continue my learning and perhaps embark on a Sedation course!  Watch this space!!