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Caring for your smile requires starting with a check or an Oral Health Assessment to ensure we understand your dental concerns completely. We also need to assess your gums and provide you with a personalised preventive plan to build strong healthy gums. Working as a team our dental hygienists and dentist can thus make sure that any restorations or treatment that is planned will be done on firm foundations to allow longevity.

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Hygiene & Prevention

Our dental hygienists are an integral part of our team at City Bridge Dental in Bristol. They work with our dentists to deliver a plan that ensures your gum health is not only maintained but improves too. We will provide you with a personalised preventive plan that allows you to maintain your own gum health between visits. Once your gum health is stable you will be invited to join one of our membership plans that will encourage your regular attendance either six monthly or three monthly with our hygiene team. Prevention really is key which is why we still encourage regular visits for early intervention.

Children's Dentistry

All the family are welcome at City Bridge Dental, we want to nurture great dental health from an early age to ensure your children grow into adults without dental problems. Our Kids’ Club brings fun into a dental check so your children will always associate a visit to their dentist as fun and relaxed. We can provide all the preventive care they need and of course modern and up to date treatments if required. Our team will also monitor your child’s growth and when necessary we can arrange for any orthodontic or tooth straightening treatment at the right time.

Oral Health Screenings

We recommend regular checks to allow for early intervention and of course, the right preventive advice. An Oral Health Assessment is so much more than checking teeth. We assess the head and neck for lumps and bumps, we check your gum health and we also inspect all the soft lining of your mouth. We are looking for early signs of mouth cancer as we know that early detection saves lives and allows for better outcomes. Inspection of your teeth may also require some X-rays, all this will lead us to provide you with a treatment plan. We will discuss with you your options for treatment, including time frames and costs.

General Dentistry Treatments

“Fantastic service, great care. The whole team at City Bridge Dental Care will make you feel at ease and at home at every visit.. great with children. It feels like visiting family every time I need a check up! Highly recommend.”


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