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Full Smile Restoration

Research has shown that tooth wear affecting the front teeth appears to be on the increase. Tooth wear had previously been mainly associated with older patients.

Treatments are either concentrated on the prevention of further wear using relaxation therapies, nightguards, muscle relaxants or Botox injections. If the wear is severe various techniques can be used to rebuild tooth structure.

In this case the patient had uneven wear and chipping of his front teeth with generalised discoloration. He was unhappy with his appearance as very little of his teeth were visible when he smiled.

This patient was treated with a combination of three crowns, a bridge and an upper partial denture all made to a new bite in order to restore his smile.

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This case was completed over two years due to the pandemic by Andrew Horne at City Bridge with ceramic work by Nathan Howard at H2W Laboratory Weston-Super-Mare and denture work by Leigh at Artisan Dental Studio and David at Avalon Chrome.

The pros and cons of all dental treatments need to be weigh up and no one solution is right for everyone. If you need help deciding how best to restore your smile, we are happy to advise you in choosing the option that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

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