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Facial Aesthetics in Bristol

Rejuvenation clinic now at City Bridge Dental Care. Look as good as you feel.

City Bridge Dental Care now offer a Facial Rejuvenation treatment. Book now and receive 2 areas for just £160.00 or 3 areas for £205.00. If you have any questions, please pop in to see us at the practice or call us on 0117 9507949

City Bridge Dental Care | Bristol

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Smooth out fine lines and relax your muscles with targeted anti-wrinkle injections.

City Bridge Dental Care | Bristol

Lip Enhancement

Restore lost volume or add natural-looking plumpness with lip enhancement.

City Bridge Dental Care | Bristol

Dermal Fillers

Add contour and definition to rejuvenate your face with strategic dermal fillers.

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City Bridge Dental Care | Bristol

*Anti-wrinkle injections are the only available treatment during this event. Lip enhancement and dermal fillers can be booked separately.


For cosmetic dentistry in the and Bristol areas City Bridge Dental Care has a variety of cosmetic dental treatment options to suite every range of budgets. We offer our dental patients cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, white fillings, dental crowns, veneers, bridges, cosmetic dentures, adult orthodontics, clear braces, dental implants, root canal treatment and facial aesthetics with anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers at our dental practice in Bristol and .

Private dentist in Bristol
Cosmetic dentist in Bristol
Cosmetic dentistry in Bristol
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