Direct Access Dental Hygiene

If you would like to come to the dentist for hygiene treatment only, then look no further!  City Bridge Dental Care are pleased to be able to offer Direct Access appointments with Becky – one of our wonderful hygienists!

Becky has worked in Dentistry for over 20 years.  She started her career as a dental nurse, going on then to train and qualify as Hygienist in 2010.

She always wanted to work in an industry that helps people and generally just loves working with people on the whole!

Becky has a particular passion for working with nervous patients and has a calm, gentle and encouraging approach to her hygiene work.

What is Direct access?

In 2013, General Dental Council removed its barrier to Direct Access for some dental care professionals after considering the impact on patient safety. Before then, every member of the dental team had to work on the prescription of a dentist. This meant that patients had to be seen by a dentist before being treated by any other member of the dental team.

Direct access means patients can see a hygienist without having to see a dentist first.

Why would I use this service over a standard hygiene appointment?

Direct access offers greater choice and flexibility for patients, without having to have a check up with a dentist first.   It also offer patients the chance to try out the practice before joining as a patient.

What happens during an appointment?

Becky will start by checking your soft tissues and general gum health.  She will then assess your oral hygiene and offer oral hygiene advice. The appointment will finish with a thorough clean and polish of the teeth – a spa treatment for your mouth!!

How long will it take

An initial appointment will last for 30 minutes although Becky will let you know if further appointments are recommended.

Will I have to see a dentist at some point?

Regular dental check-ups with a dentist are still advised and if the hygienist identifies any issues during the appointment, they will advise you to see a dentist.

What will it cost me?

The appointment will cost £95.

How do I book

Booking is easy!  You can call our team on 0117 950 7949 and just ask for a Direct Access appointment with Becky or book online at