Dental Sedation with Dr Ross Wilson

For Nervous Patients or those with a Dental Phobia
Westbury-On-Trym, Bristol

I’m Ross Wilson (GDC: 73703) and I completed my Sedation training back in 1997.


Alongside my Sedation trained Nurse, Anna we are able to offer IV sedation to patients at City Bridge Dental Care, making it possible to get the dental treatment you need or want if you are particularly anxious or scared of coming to the dentist. We have worked together for 11 years and have helped so many patients overcome their Dental phobia with the use of sedation.


I am passionate about giving people the dental care they deserve and it should be stress free right? Well now it can be with sedation as an option.

Dental Sedation in Bristol at City Bridge Dental Care
Dental Sedation

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Sedation

The information below should answer some of your questions but if there is anything else, please do call the practice and Anna can offer further guidance or reassurance:

How does Conscious IV Sedation work?

The other name for conscious sedation you may have heard of is intravenous sedation. It is a safe, gentle and effective technique used to lessen the feeling of anxiety to make your treatment a more pleasant experience. One of the main benefits of Conscious IV sedation is that unlike a general anaesthetic, you remain conscious during your treatment while feeling deeply relaxed and at ease and you will usually not remember having the treatment.

Why could Conscious IV Sedation be a good option for me?
  • It can help to overcoming dental anxiety & phobia
  • Allow you to receive essential dental care that you may not be able to have without sedation.
  • It is a very safe option and is suitable for most healthy adults.
  • Although you will be awake, you will not be fully aware of what is happening around you which can make the whole experience more comfortable.
Is dental sedation safe?

IV Sedation is a very safe procedure when performed by Dental professionals like Ross here at City Bridge Dental Care. The procedure is deemed safe for most adults however may be unsuitable for those with a complicated medical history. This would all be identified during a consultation.

But how do I know sedation is right for me?

If it means you can receive the dental care you have had to avoid for so many years, wouldn’t it be an option worth exploring?


Before having to make any decisions whatsoever, Ross will discuss your treatment options, procedure and costs at the consultation appointment.


Time to stop worrying and putting off something that could be completely achievable – you’ll feel so much better for tackling your demons!


Explore the benefits of conscious IV sedation and get that healthy smile that you deserve.

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