Cosmetic dentures case study


Bespoke cosmetic dentures


As people age, their mouths change shape but their dentures don’t change. Over time this leads to ill-fitting dentures which affects your ability to bite and chew food which can lead to stomach problems. If worn or worn dentures no longer provide support for the cheeks and corners of the mouth a chronic inflammatory condition Angular cheilitis can occur.

In this case the patient had both ill-fitting and worn dentures and had choose to no longer wear his lower denture using bespoke cosmetic denture techniques well-fitting natural dentures  with a natural  looking smile were provided.

This patient was treated by Andrew Horne at City Bridge with denture work by Leigh at Artisan Dental Studio.

If you have worn or ill-fitting denture and need help deciding if cosmetic dentures are the right choice to give you a natural looking smile. Please contact the practice and we would be happy to advise you.

Please call: 0117 9507949 and the City Bridge Dental Care team will book you a consultation appointment to help you smile again