How can I stop snoring?

Since I started using my device my wife hasn’t complained about my snoring

Getting a good night’s sleep is very important. Although many people may occasionally snore at night. If you or a partner regularly snore it can become a major problem. Some of the tell-tale signs that snoring is effecting the quality of your sleep include; daytime sleepiness, reduced effectiveness at work, higher stress levels due to fatigue and even driving accidents related to tiredness behind the wheel.

Snore Lab is a highly-rated snore app that records samples of your snoring and gives you a score for the intensity of your snoring. In the trends area of the app your snoring can be compared over time and the effectiveness of any anti snoring measures assessed.

One of the most effective remedies for snoring is the Somnowell Chrome a 4th generation mandibular advancement device designed by Professor Simon Ash.

Following a comprehensive snoring assessment, accurate impressions of your teeth, a facebow recording and forward postured bite are made. These allow a bespoke Somnowell Chrome device to be designed which works by pulling your lower jaw forward opening up your airway and dramatically reduce snoring.

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